Dora Moore Newsletter for Tuesday, November 17th

Posted 11/18/2020

1. PTSA Updates:
Thank you to PTSA who purchased Dora Moore water bottles for every Dora Moore student! In person students have received these and as students return they will

2. Attendance Reminders: Dora Moore’s Attendance and Student Engagement Team is sending home Truancy information letters to any student who has five or more UNEXCUSED absences. Children that are chronically absent and/or tardy may be in violation of the Colorado School Attendance Law of 1963 that requires every child who is between the age of six and seventeen and enrolled in a public school to regularly and consistently attend school. Here’s a reminder of attendance steps:
-Call the attendance line (720) 424-5300 every day your child is absent.
-Submit doctor’s notes related to all absences, tardies, and early releases to the main office. After 10 absences these are required in order to mark your child’s absence as excused.
-Notify Jo Fontana, RN or Whitney Andreasen, Health Technician (720) 424-5305 if your student is struggling with ongoing health issues so we can work out a plan to support your child’s ongoing education.
-Notify the Emily Stern, School Counselor (720) 424-5306 if your family is struggling with transportation, homelessness, or other family circumstances that affect attendance to determine if there are resources that may support your unique situation.
-Please refer to the school year calendar when scheduling appointments and/or vacations.

3. Health Updates- Please refer back to Friday’s email for a lot of health information that was sent out. Please continue to call our health office at 720-424-5305 if your child is feeling unwell or has had possible exposure to COVID.

4. Whole Child Team Updates
*Social Clubs: Families, we heard from your students that are remote learning that they want more time to socialize with classmates. Mrs. Cassie Qario has started an Anime Club on Mondays from 2:00- 2:45! The Google Meet code is DoraMooreAnime. Miss Morgan is also interested in starting a social club, but is looking for ideas. If you have an idea please email her at:

*For ECE-4th Families: 6 Week Parenting Partners Workshop coming this February to Dora Moore! Parenting Partners™ workshops combine parenting and leadership skills that empower parents to become vital contributors to their children’s academic success.
Topics Include:
Positive Parenting – Success Starts at home
Creating Confident kids
Communication That Works
Creating Structure for Achievement Discipline – Practice for Success
What Children and Teens Need to Succeed
For more information or to pre-register for the virtual Parenting Partners workshop, please contact Emily Stern, Dora Moore’s School Counselor at, (720) 424-5306 office