Inclement Weather Procedure

Please be aware that we are not a weather delay school.  When you see that notification on the Denver Public Schools website, we will begin at our regular time. If you have questions about that, please call our main line at 720-424-5300.


When the weather is turning…here’s a reminder about what we do on Inside Days.

Parents, guardians and students can assume that rainy, snowy, windy or exceptionally cold days (less than 20 degrees F with windchill) are Inside Days.

  • Drop Off: Please do not drop your child off before 8:00 am. If you need to get here earlier, you will need to wait with your child until 8:00 am. At 8:00 am students will be ushered into the building to their classrooms.
  • Pick Up: Please pick up your child on the playground at 3pm unless the playground is unsafe (icy) or if it is a torrential rain storm. If that is the case, all students will be held in their classrooms for pick up.

ECE and Kindergarten students get picked up in their classrooms on inside days.

  • Recess: Student recess will be inside on days where temperature dips below 20 degrees (with or with out wind chill) or if the playground is unsafe for children (icy).

Dress Appropriately

  • Regardless of whether we are having an Inside or Outside day, students need to dress appropriately (e.g., coats, boots, mittens, hats, etc.). Students still need to be protected for the journey to/from home/school, as well as the playground, if the weather improves.
  • Parents of students who come to school unprepared for the weather will be contacted to determine whether the child needs additional clothing delivered from home or requires a donation from the Dora Moore Coat Room